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Before talking about the NGO "L'ANGE GARDIEN", I think it wise to talk about its deep origin: My parents and Benin. Like any child raised and educated under the sign of the word "family", I have been imbued with strong values such as "support, sharing, love, friendship, forgiveness and prodigality". Benin, my country, also instilled in me highly distinguished as "sharing" and "social support" thanks to his school and the different school courses that I followed. Also, since my young age and in a totally natural way, I have often been touched by the problems of others, this legacy that left me my late mother Hence the vital need to find solutions and alternatives for help to overcome their difficulties. Today, being a family man and CEO in a large family business, this need to help is growing in me; and in recognition of those who have forged my personality, I voluntarily export my help to families and students, orphans in countries where the need is more noticeable than others. It is also a way of instilling these values in my children and to make them aware of being the first to donate their time and resources for noble causes.
From this desire to support others was born the NGO L'ANGE GARDIEN; a non-profit humanitarian organization created on the 08th of February 2017 in Misserete Municipality, Porto-Novo and registered under N ° 2019/048 / SG / SAG / SA, whose primary mission is to help those who are in need by making any abstraction of their races, colors, sexes or religions. To do this and to carry out my actions, I am surrounded by a team of men and women; all of me sensitive to the inequalities in the world and who wish to support me in order to fight together, on a small scale, this spectrum called need.
You too, dear readers, can support us and especially support this noble cause by donating via our website. By joining the NGO ANGE GARDIEN, you help children and students to start or continue schooling that they could not have succeeded without you. In our organization, we regularly organize charity parties to present our actions, find solutions to difficult cases and also share a moment of conviviality between donors.
You want to donate, anonymous or public, punctual or regular; The NGO L'ANGE GARDIEN gives you the assurance that 100% of the donations collected will be directly donated to their recipients. You will also find videos and information allowing you to follow concretely our actions in the field.
Thanks to you, children will go to school and students will go to the end of their ambitions because "Going to school and studying should not be a dream but an evidence. "
Join the NGO ANGE GUARDIAN for a better world.

How can we help?

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Start an avocado orchard, send a child to school or invest in a single

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Discover how far your investment dollars can go to assist families and vulnerable

Charity For Food

Our support creates self-sustaining, powered communities

Why Choose Us?

The general objective of the NGO is to work for the socio-economic development of communities. Its specific objectives are to:

  • Promote the primary sector (livestock-farming-fishing) and new information and communication technologies (NICT) in rural areas in Benin.
  • Work for the socio-professional training of young people, women in several fields.
  • Organize artistic and cultural events and demonstrations as well as the production, dissemination and promotion of works by artists (all categories combined) in Benin and internationally.
  • Participate in artistic events organized by third parties (fairs, shows, exhibitions, festivals, etc.) and facilitate international trade between Africa and Europe.
  • Ensure the monitoring and support of protection and follow-up programs for vulnerable children and their integration into working life by creating jobs through business cooperatives.
  • Support the policy of development of collective enterprises (groups of women, men and mixed through various training and encourage local initiatives.
  • Support the process of schooling children and young people, especially that of schooling young girls.
  • Combat all forms of child trafficking and the enslavement of women.
  • Promote the rights and duties of women in society, laws relating to decentralization, women and decentralization, training of women leaders and candidates in elections.
  • Fight against regionalism, ethnocentrism, racism and sectarianism and all other forms of discrimination which encourage intermingling between races and peoples.
  • Cooperate with international NGOs for the establishment of libraries, education, health, leisure and sports centers and facilitate cultural exchanges between communities and between countries to improve the living conditions of the population.
  • Fight against poverty, the dropout of children and literacy through support and financing of income-generating activities.
  • Provide assistance to people with disabilities, illnesses and disorders, populations affected by fires, natural disasters and promote access to drinking water for populations.
  • Take and support initiatives in favor of populations in the fields of education, health, environment, economy and tourism.

The goal of the NGO L’ANGE GARDIEN is to contribute to the reduction of the poverty rate on the one hand, and on the other hand to the well-being of the population.

– Enable many young people to access training, study and help many others to seek treatment. It is also the intermediary between the economic, social and medical actors in favor of those who really need it. It is also self-denial as “spearhead” for a permanent fight.

– Save lives and meet the basic needs of people in the most difficult to reach areas. The NGO ANGE GARDIEN develops and implements programs for the most vulnerable populations who suffer from violence, conflict, natural disasters or endemic poverty. The approach of the NGO GARDEN ANGEL exceeds the emergency response, with a commitment to sustainable development and access of communities to livelihoods.

– Eradicate misery means building peace in the world

– Overcoming misery requires a social and personal transformation to remove the reflexes of fear and exclusion that condemn the poorest people to remain in misery whatever the economic wealth of societies.

– Build a long-term presence and reflect on our projects with people in poverty, with the goal of leaving no one behind.

– Access education and build knowledge with the intelligence of all

The waste of the intelligence of men, women, youth and children in poverty is intolerable discrimination. We want to recognize the experience and knowledge of those who resist extreme poverty in their daily lives, support the aspiration of parents to give a better future to their children.

– Promote an economy respectful of people and the earth

The economic system leaves the poorest in destitution and often leads them into forced inactivity. Across the world, many actors are experimenting with economic activities that are not based primarily on profit but are aimed at improving the well-being of individuals and communities. We work to ensure that the most excluded participate.

– Mobilizing for human rights and peace

It is no longer possible to speak of peace without recognizing the violence of misery and the contribution of the poorest to building peace. We run campaigns to inform and educate the public, to reduce prejudice against people living in poverty. We work with governments, organizations and institutions, at the national and international levels, to ensure that families living in extreme poverty are taken into account and represented, and to guarantee access for all to human rights.

The NGO ANGE GARDIEN develops and implements programs targeting the most vulnerable among the populations who have suffered from famine, conflicts, natural disasters or socio-economic difficulties. We are committed to caring for and protecting the rights of the most vulnerable, including children, especially orphans and separated children, women, single parents, the elderly, the disabled, the chronically ill and minority groups vulnerable. It facilitates access to a better world through material means and sincere and human accompaniment. It is also a movement that brings together people from all walks of life to think, act and live together differently. The violence of extreme poverty, ignorance, deprivation and contempt isolate people and lock them in silence until they sometimes doubt their belonging to the human community. Joining forces to reach those who are excluded in our societies and recognizing the indispensable contribution of people living in poverty are essential steps to end misery and build peace.

The Guardian Angel intervenes to respond to humanitarian crises and build resilience, encourage inclusive and sustainable growth, co-build effective governance and contribute to building a strong civil society at the global level by investing in people and their potential.

Our actions aim to respond to the multiple dimensions of humanitarian and development crises by adopting an integrated and context-specific approach, both globally and locally. The NGO ANGE GARDIEN is mobilized to meet the needs of the populations, trying to understand the dynamics and interactions at the local level, and working in close collaboration with the communities affected by the crises.

The NGO ANGE GARDIEN strives to proceed within the framework of an integrated approach combining Emergency, Rehabilitation and Development and to implement complementary support mechanisms in order to guarantee a useful and durable assistance to the populations affected by crises, especially in protracted crisis or post-conflict contexts.

Accountability, transparency and receptiveness to our beneficiaries, the communities we are in contact with, our donors, partners and other stakeholders are key to our commitment to effective and accountable humanitarian and development assistance, and to ensuring the greatest impact. sustainable for the communities and populations for which we are mobilized.

As an organization and as individuals, we strive, through our vision, our values, our approaches, our choices, our practices and our advocacy, to inspire those around us, by encouraging and developing innovative approaches and initiatives, humanitarian principles and new forms of solidarity and convergence.